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ROMFirmware.com is a blog site under the shade WordPress.com by automatic focusing on around Mobile phone/ Tablet with Android operation system in it in the hope it can be a big benefit for the community of android users in particular, to be able to spawn user intelligent, creative and independent.

ROMFirmware.com want Facilitate the Android users around the world in terms of use or download files related to android system itself and be a means of learning.

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Fill in the text of each article on ROMFirmware.com wholly owned, except for any file that is embedded in the article are those of the mostly android developers in the world are scattered in various Service Cloud because android OS is an open source. ROMFirmware.com always do a review and test before starting write, this is to avoid the mistakes and the things that can be detrimental to ROMFirmware.com visitors, such as the presence of virus in the file. Because ROMFirmware.com obey and submit to https://en.wordpress.com/tos/ .

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ROMFirmware.com do not allow visitors who were under aged 13 years, unless you are accompanied by a parent or expert of experts, because ROMFirmware.com manage sites with content that may be a danger to your equipment if not followed correctly or according to my instructions, for that ROMFirmware.com hard working to prevent this by always providing repair solution, the responsibility is entirely to you, ROMFirmware.com will not respond to any damage caused to your device, because ROMFirmware.com is a repair solution blog every android device is damaged and not destructive. Do with your own risk.